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Xingbang heavy industry completed a new round of financing, with a significant increase in capital strength

Xingbang heavy industry completed a new round of financing, with a significant increase in capital strength

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Hunan Xingbang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., one of the top 20 global high altitude platform manufacturing enterprises (accessm20 in 2018) (highlighted by President Xi, hereinafter referred to as "the company"), recently completed a new round of financing for industrial and commercial changes. This round of financing was completed by large private enterprise groups Large state-owned enterprises in the province and the park investment platform jointly invested and completed, and in the process, they also received letters of intent from many large domestic investment institutions

Similar properties and performances can be achieved through suitable assembly.

Xingbang heavy industry has been focusing on the R & D, manufacturing and sales of aerial work platforms for many years, and its rapid development speed in recent years has been highly recognized by investment institutions and the market until there is no dirt in the released oil

the company cut into the aerial work platform segment from the R & D and manufacturing of boom, accumulated more than 10 years of technology R & D and manufacturing experience, and was the first to build boom and shear fork automatic assembly lines; The product quality and service level are at the forefront of the industry, and have been unanimously recognized by the market and customers. Among them, the arm car is far ahead in domestic sales and ownership with stable performance and reliable quality; On May 22, under mild heating conditions (70oC), the company was selected as one of the first batch of specialized new "little giant" enterprises in the country

the completion of this round of financing by Xingbang heavy industry will greatly enhance the company's capital strength, help the company form a better cooperative relationship with suppliers and customers, and ensure the company's competitive advantage and industry position

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