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Perfume glass bottles after spraying are more popular in the market

nowadays, monochrome glass packaging can be seen everywhere in the high-end beauty and fragrance market, while multi-color packaging and color effects are also emerging. When defining the new category of flower fragrance - prismatic floral, the packaging of Estee Lauder beyondparadise products "creates an emotional paradise", According to the introduction, "the glass from pochet lndustries is sprayed with seven color rainbow effect to represent the rich emotional spectrum. Through the spraying of Rexam manufacturing brake, the crystal like packaging is created by using ionic resin Surlyn and clear polypropylene accessories"

"color can be obtained by dyeing glass, or directly putting batches of products into the furnace, or by spraying", which has become possible in manufacturing technology. Stained glass technology makes designers' inspiration get more full play

last May, the rose's cocktail lnfusions mixer package launched by T's mot alloy high carbon steel (or low carbon alloy steel), cold work die steel, etc., located in Stamford, CT in the United States, created a distinctive competitiveness. This custom cast 20 oz glass bottle is carved and embossed outside and delivered by thezlass group. Its coordinated curves can fit each other on the shelf

the unlabeled appearance of this glass bottle package helps to highlight the color of genuine products in terms of equipment accuracy. Pressure sensitive, 2-mil biaxial polypropylene labels are up to four-color flexo printing and three color silk printing, and are embossed with brook whittle's hot foil. The bottle is made of Kerr 'high-grade non padded cover to provide anti-theft function, in a customized silver metallic color. This product is aimed at women aged. Tara Leonard, mott's brand manager, said, "consumers want to show their exquisite taste and understanding of the latest trends. This design is just strong, but there are still shortcomings in measurement, which adjusts what consumers are looking for."

Ralph Lauren made a bolder move on the packaging of his Polo Ralph Lauren blue collection a year ago: coloring the font with a strong cobalt blue tone. Not long ago, the company applied a more subtle blue tone to this series of fresh flower fragrance products for women

this fragrance reflects Ralph Lauren's concept of "new, modern, simple and elegant". Caroleen Mackin, vice president of global marketing at Ralph Lauren FRA grances, said, "Ralph Lauren and his team created a blue glass bottle like water to show the charm of the blue sky and the moving appearance of the water.". The silver metal cover is in a classical style, symbolizing the cherished fragments of the past. She said that the top of the cover is also engraved with the capital letter "RL" and the Ralph Lauren mark around it. "The packaging bottle is elegant and feminine, and it is perfectly held in the hands of women"

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