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The open Internet Alliance announced new members and milestones in standards

ibm, national instruments, etc. joined the IOT alliance to achieve industry interoperability; The open Internet Alliance 0.9.1 specification is available to members

the open Internet Alliance announced that it has added some member organizations, including IBM and the United States, which are also national instruments, the country where the British government controls economic opportunities. A number of new companies and non-profit organizations from all over the world have joined the alliance, including Argentina, South Korea, North America and Taiwan. They provide products and services in various fields, from manufacturing to education

Mike Richmond, executive director of the open Internet Alliance, said: the open Internet Alliance has achieved continuous success in attracting many leading technology companies to join the organization, which highlights the industry's commitment to ensuring interoperability between billions of devices. As we expect to promote IOT standards, these new members will support us to further expand our expertise in this industry

before that, the open Internet Alliance announced the addition of 25 member institutions in May, which come from many industries and international markets. The open Internet Alliance is building an open source framework and developing standards, with the goal of defining connectivity requirements and ensuring interoperability among the billions of devices that make up the IOT. Regardless of the device shape, operating system or service provider, with this framework, various technologies can be wirelessly interconnected and intelligently manage information flow across devices

in addition, the open Internet Alliance 0.9.1 specification and the corresponding are now available and have been released in practice using iotivity code. The specification has passed the IP review of all member companies and has been approved by the board of directors of the open Internet Alliance to expand the scope of use in the foam wheel of strollers. The specification provides flexibility for members and industry participants to use the implementation of the framework to develop and certify interoperable products

about the open interconnection alliance

the open interconnection alliance is a Delaware based non-profit company founded by leading technology companies. Its goal is to define connectivity requirements and ensure the interoperability of billions of devices. These devices will constitute the rising IOT

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