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The first unmanned aerial vehicle world championship opens! Shenzhen staged "speed and passion"

last night, with the "China knot" track lighting up the Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center Stadium, the opening ceremony of the first world UAV Championship kicked off. This also means that the world's most authoritative, professional and highest level UAV race officially certified by the International Federation of Aeronautical sports (FAI) has officially started. 128 world top pilots from 34 countries and regions gathered here to compete for the champion of the first UAV World Championships. This weekend, real "speed and passion" will be staged over Shenzhen

Photo by Zheng Dongsheng, Shenzhen Special Zone News at the opening ceremony

Shenzhen plays an important role in the history of UAVs

it is understood that this event belongs to the class I calendar event of the international aviation Federation, which has industry benchmark and great historical significance. The contestants are world-class pilots selected by the FAI and various countries. This world championship attracted 128 world top pilots from more than 34 countries and regions, including China, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Thailand, etc. This is the world's top sports carbon fiber composite with the highest specification and largest scale held by our city after the 2011 World University Games, which has become the best choice for automobile lightweight. At present, the qualification competition has been launched, and the elimination competition will be held, and the final will be staged on the 4th

Fritz brink, honorary chairman of FAI, said: "I learned that more than 80% of the world's UAVs are produced in China, and more than 75% of the UAVs produced in China are produced in Shenzhen. Therefore, Shenzhen is well deserved to be called the 'capital of UAVs'. We very much agree that Shenzhen is the best venue for the first UAV World Championships, an emerging sport. The UAV economy is revitalized in Shenzhen, which exudes a thriving atmosphere, and is perfect for the exciting moments brought by the UAV competition Fit. " "I also want to say to the contestants that you, as pilots, will occupy a very special position in the development history of UAVs. You have witnessed the birth of the UAV World Championships and played a pioneering role in helping to promote the development of top UAV technologies, which enable you to compete further and faster."

the Chinese team, Shenzhen flyers, temporarily ranked 10th

in this competition, the Chinese team had a total of 8 participants, one of whom was local flyer Li kunhuang from Shenzhen. At the age of 19, HRH has participated in dozens of competitions, large and small, and won nearly 30 Championships, including the champion of the 2016 and 2017 China UAV open. Li kunhuang said, "I took the road of flying hands because of my interests and hobbies. I have also flown for many years and still love this sport." "I'm so happy that the first World Championships can be held at my home. You know, there is no national racing UAV special competition in China, which is usually included in the youth Aerospace competition. I'm so satisfied to be able to compete with world masters on such a high platform at my home!" It is reported that after the two-day competition on the 1st and 2nd, Li kunhuang's total points are temporarily ranked 10th

zouxiang, the assistant coach of the Chinese team, said, "it is the first time for us to participate in the world championships. Of course, the goal of forming a team is to hope that each team member can exercise on the world stage and learn advanced experience and technology. At the same time, we also want to make an impact on the championship trophy." Zou Xiang also said, "at present, we mainly focus on our opponents in Europe and South Korea. South Korean players have a high level of professionalism, and there are a high proportion of maintenance personnel in the team. In the previous training process, we focused on studying their data and tactics, learning experience and adjusting it in combination with the characteristics of our pilots. I hope we can achieve good results!"

the carnival makes you addicted to flying hands

in addition to the fierce and exciting events on the ground, another highlight of this event is the "World Championships drone theme Carnival" held in the central square of the Universiade Center Stadium. According to Ding Dongmei, general manager of jiazhaoye sports industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., the carnival takes "UAV" as the theme, and mainly creates multiple activity areas such as UAV display area, flight experience area, flight challenge area and UAV aerial photo display area. "The purpose of holding this carnival is to let the public know, but if there is insufficient supplement, it can't keep the pressure on drone racing and popularize knowledge. At the same time, ordinary people can also experience the world of 'flying hands' and see drones from their perspective."

it was seen at the scene that the VR immersive flight experience and UAV flight challenge area attracted the attention of many citizens, especially children. Citizen Wang Gang told: "it's cool. The original UAV competition is so cool and exciting. I thought it was just flying around faster than speed. The original technical requirements are so high." Maxiaoli, a citizen who came to experience with her children, said: "I feel that Shenzhen is really international. Recently, I have been able to contact such cutting-edge sports. This activity vividly and interestingly spread the knowledge related to racing UAVs, and my son and I have broadened our horizons."

it is understood that the carnival will continue to be open to the public from 9:00 to 21:00 on the 3rd and 4th

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