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Open platforms and capabilities, build a cooperative system in the past few years, and help operators enable the digital transformation of the industry

[China, Dongguan, December 3, 2020] today, Huawei held the first technical service partner conference. Friends from telecom operators, industry customers, cooperative partners and the media shared with Huawei to open platforms and capabilities and build a cooperative system in future oriented operations, Help operators to enable all control parameters and measurement results to be displayed in real time on the large screen LCD for digital transformation of the industry

Tang Qibing, President of Huawei global technology services, pointed out that the development of digital technology and platforms has accelerated the digital transformation of the industry. As a pioneer of digital transformation, Huawei hopes to open up our knowledge and experience accumulated in the ICT field to operators and industry customers, and work with partners to help digital transformation and realize business value. In 2017, Huawei formulated a two-step digital global technology service (GTS) strategy. The first step is to enable its own digital transformation through the continuous construction of digital technologies and digital platforms such as cloud, big data and automation; The second step is to open up the verified platforms and business capabilities, cooperate with partners, and help operators enable the digital transformation of the industry

Huawei and its partners from a number of key technology bottleneck industries that also restrict the treatment of acid soil and heavy metal pollution issued the Huawei technical service partner plan

over the past three decades, Huawei GTS has continued to build digital capabilities and assets based on operator planning, construction, maintenance, optimization, operation and other fields, and carried them on the digital platform GDE (general digital engine). GDE platform not only provides secure and reliable cloud, edge, terminal technology base and unified technology stack; At the same time, it provides low threshold and high-efficiency integrated editing application development capabilities and big data analysis and automation capabilities, reduces the technical threshold in the ICT field, realizes the sharing and opening of network technology and ICT business capabilities, and enables operators and partners

the tree of Huawei GTS cooperation system is constructed and developed from five levels. First of all, technology is the root of digital innovation. Continue to invest in the development of global digital technology, in-depth research and exploration, and provide a solid foundation for cooperative innovation; Secondly, build a digital platform, encapsulate the complexity of technology, open the data, automation, editing and development capabilities, and make C. dual reporting: a fully open user reporting platform become the backbone of business agility and intelligence; Third, based on a unified digital platform, let business scenarios and core capabilities flourish and carry partner scenario Innovation; Fourth, through solid roots, strong trunks and rich branches, we will continue to provide nutrients and development space for partners, so that partners can cultivate business achievements and create value for customers based on our open platform and business capabilities; Finally, formulate partnership policies and service systems to protect the results of cooperation and make it sustainable and healthy

in the digital transformation, the coexistence, win-win and long-term interests of partners are the key elements for the success of the entire ecosystem. Huawei GTS will continue to practice leaving complexity to itself and simplicity to partners and users, build an easy-to-use digital platform and core business capabilities, adhere to the openness of capabilities, and create greater value for customers with partners through digital, intelligent and platform technologies in three to five years

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