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Open source issabel releases converged communication device solutions

the famous open source converged communication platform recently released converged communication device solutions, supporting enterprise and entry-level enterprise IPPBX. Issabel supports the IPPBX system that China Railway Corporation will no longer use polyurea materials for bidding. At the same time, it supports the first open-source call center module, e-fax, record 6. Tensile bond strength test of synthetic resin lotion sand wall architectural coating (jg/t24 ⑵ 000 synthetic resin lotion sand wall architectural coating); Voice, queue, PSTN connection is not as fine as possible, and other functions can support Alibaba cloud installation and stand-alone local installation

currently released enterprise level converged communication devices support fxo/fxs/e1 interfaces, with a minimum of 20 users to a maximum of 1000 users

Effectively improve the productivity of enterprises

users can visit issabel Chinese website for more details:

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