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Open container initiative welcomes Alibaba cloud as the latest member to join the open container initiative. Welcome Alibaba cloud as the latest member to join OCI. Help promote global container standardization. Create open source of container open standards to make it easier to operate the community. The open container Initiative (OCI) announced today, Alibaba Group's cloud computing Department twists and turns and other material research and development. Alibaba cloud joined the plan

according to IDC, Alibaba cloud is the largest provider of public cloud services in China. At the top of millions of container instances, Alibaba cloud runs the world's most extensive cloud native applications, processing as many as 325000 transactions per second

Chris aniszczyk, executive director of OCI, said: with the vigorous development of cloud investment in China in the next few years, the region and beyond will undoubtedly benefit from Alibaba cloud and other global leaders' investment in a set of general and open container standards. We are glad that the Alibaba team can provide large-scale expertise to this community. We are working hard to improve the project and launch the distribution specification later this year

caijunjie, chief architect of Alibaba cloud elastic computing services, said: container standardization enables the world to speak the same language, and hosting providers, ISVs, developers and end users will also benefit. Therefore, the rigidity of the host is low. We are convinced that the general specification can enable customers to obtain more value from the cloud. OCI v1.0 specification has been adopted in the internal architecture and the public container services provided by Alibaba cloud. We also invest heavily in leading container projects, such as containerd and our latest open source container project, touch. Alibaba cloud is very happy to join OCI. It will provide an in-depth container experience for the program and cooperate with the community to standardize this space

as an active member of open standards and a spray gun who advocates and adopts special design, Alibaba looks forward to deepening OCI's work in the entire container ecosystem to make the cloud architecture layer more democratic, so as to better serve end users, and enable cloud developers to avoid duplication of labor and focus on higher value innovation

about the open container Initiative (OCI)

the open container initiative is an open governance structure, with the clear purpose of creating open industry standards around container formats and runtime. You can learn about projects related to the open container program at

the open container program is a collaborative project of the Linux foundation. The Linux foundation collaboration project is an independently funded software project that uses the power of collaborative development to promote cross industry and ecosystem innovation

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