China Electric Power Research Institute, a wholly-

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Cetca, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guodian, completed the acquisition of XJ electric

XJ Group completed the capital increase and share expansion, and the ball screw academy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guodian, eventually became the actual controller of XJ electric

on the evening of June 1, XJ electric announced that after the completion of the above changes, cetca held 60% of the shares of XJ Group and Ping An Trust, the former controlling shareholder, held 40% of the shares. The above industrial and commercial change registration procedures were completed on May 28

XJ Group is an old brand enterprise producing automation equipment, relay protection and power transmission and transformation equipment of China's power system, with a sales revenue of 5.02 billion yuan in 2008

on February 11, Guodian's acquisition of XJ Group and Pinggao group was approved by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC), which triggered a market dispute. It was believed that this violated the original intention of further improving the main manufacturing technology level and overall strength of the power reform, that is, Guodian should divest all non electric assets, including engaging in power design, equipment manufacturing, power construction and other work. 98% of the materials were recycled and returned to the secondary units in the production cycle, And non electric assets transferred from local power companies, such as two electric power research institutes and guoxintong. The China Machinery Industry Federation has publicly stated that the multiple roles of national standards formulation, equipment manufacturing, bidding and procurement are not conducive to a fair and just competition mechanism, nor to the improvement of the overall competitiveness of China's electrical manufacturing industry. However, these market disputes ultimately failed to stop the acquisition process of Guodian

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