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Opening of the first Western China Environmental Governance Summit Forum Zoomlion helped maintain the beautiful western ecology

opening of the first Western China Environmental Governance Summit Forum Zoomlion helped maintain the beautiful western ecology

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on April 6, the first Western China Environmental Governance Summit Forum and the "ingenuity to make green China" Zoomlion all environmental governance technology exchange meeting was grandly held in Yinchuan City, Ningxia Province. The meeting was hosted by the CPC Yinchuan Municipal Committee and the Municipal People's government, and undertaken by Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. The summit aims to promote urban environmental governance in Western China, explore how to use high-end environmental equipment to solve environmental governance problems, and achieve environmental beautification, air purification and survival optimization in Western China

the first Western China Environmental Governance Summit Forum was held in Yinchuan

Chen Haibin, an expert from the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, Fang Guohao, vice president and senior engineer of China Urban Environmental Sanitation Association, and more than 200 leaders and guests from more than 50 cities, counties, and districts including Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang attended the forum. The vice president of Zoomlion Chenpeiliang, executive vice president of the environmental industry group, attended the meeting and led the guests to observe the Yinchuan manufacturing base of Zoomlion environmental sanitation equipment

During the meeting, Yinchuan Municipal People's government and Zoomlion signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on the construction and operation of the environmental protection system

break through the environmental problems in Western China and create a new model for governance

at present, there are practical factors in Western China, such as poor natural conditions, weak foundation of environmental infrastructure, insufficient investment and so on, which make it difficult to improve environmental quality. At the same time, while the country vigorously develops the social economy and urban construction in the west, it also brings some environmental problems. How to optimize the industrial structure and layout, control and management of pollution sources, ecological compensation and ecological financing have become important issues of ecological construction in the western region

At the summit, the guests discussed and exchanged views on these issues, including how to view the environmental protection supervision plan (Trial), how to do a good job in the construction of township sewage treatment, the key links of domestic waste classification, the classification of dry and wet waste at home and abroad, and the exploration of PPP mode

long Guohao, vice director of China Urban Environmental Sanitation Association, first interpreted the environmental protection supervision plan (Trial) issued by the state. He said that in 2016, the national environmental protection supervision work began to start. According to the supervision results, the air and water pollution closely related to the people is serious, and the situation is worrying. Therefore, promoting the construction of ecological civilization, implementing the new environmental protection law and preventing and controlling air, water and soil pollution should be the top priority of environmental protection at this stage

Fang Guohao, vice president and senior engineer of China Urban Environmental Sanitation Association, made a speech

Fang Guohao also put forward two solutions. One is to actively fight the blue sky defense war and carry out comprehensive prevention and control of dust by actively controlling urban air pollution. The second is to strengthen sewage treatment, improve the efficiency of water utilization, and leave clear springs for future generations with great potential

the crude waste treatment facilities and backward waste management system in Western China can no longer meet the requirements of the sustainable development of social economy in Western China. The scientific management and treatment of domestic waste has become an urgent problem to be solved in the process of western development. Professor chenhaibin, an expert from the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, put forward the key links and entry points of domestic waste classification in view of the problem of domestic waste treatment

Chen Haibin said: "to implement waste classification, we must first implement waste classification at the source, which requires the government system to promote, guide residents to gradually develop the habit of active classification, and form a good atmosphere for the participation of the whole society. Only in this way can waste reduction, harmless and resource-based treatment be sustainable."

professor chenhaibin, an expert from the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, made a speech

Chen Haibin also proposed to expand waste classification with a new idea of two tracks. In addition to the joint participation of the whole society in waste classification activities, there is also an urgent need for a few people to use technology, skills, facilities and equipment for waste classification

China has more than 30 years of professional classification research and practice of domestic waste. Since the 1980s, there have been many scientific research or engineering projects on the use of screening, air separation, magnetic separation and other mechanical equipment for waste sorting and classification. At present, professional waste classification can effectively meet the problems of domestic waste classification. As an environmental equipment manufacturing enterprise and the organizer of the summit, Zoomlion is also actively developing corresponding waste transportation and classification treatment devices

the "complex mixed domestic waste sorting complete equipment" independently developed by Zoomlion is an innovative achievement that has obtained more than 60 national patents. It can sort out four types of biological organic matter, recyclables, combustibles, and inert substances in waste through the process links of feeding and winding extraction, and then through drum screening, wind separation, bouncing screening, magnetic separation, etc., for anaerobic treatment, recycling Incineration power generation and other ways to maximize resource utilization. At present, the technology has been used in waste classification and treatment production lines in Longgang, Shenzhen, Shunde, Guangdong and other places

in addition, Zoomlion has become a leader in comprehensive environmental management by integrating international advanced environmental management experience. On the one hand, we are actively developing environmental sanitation machinery products for urban cleaning and dust control. On the other hand, we are also actively developing comprehensive services such as urban sewage treatment, leachate treatment, blue incineration, biomass waste energy treatment, and county wide environmental treatment

"in 2017, Zoomlion will spare no effort to expand the county environmental governance business," said Chen Peiliang, vice president. "We will focus on four areas: solid waste, kitchen waste, leachate, and township sewage treatment, and achieve 60 nationwide. It will help customers choose the most suitable materials for their projects, implement County projects, and create a benchmark project for county environmental governance in the western region and the country."

chenpeiliang, vice president of Zoomlion and executive vice president of environmental industry group, made a speech

based on urban environmental governance, new sanitation helps beautiful Western China

during the conference, the guests also came to visit the Yinchuan manufacturing base of Zoomlion sanitation equipment. As an important production base of environmental industry in the northwest of Zoomlion, Yinchuan environmental sanitation equipment manufacturing base is invested and built by Zoomlion, with a total planned investment of 203 million yuan. It will achieve an annual output of 2000 sets of environmental sanitation machinery such as compressed garbage trucks, cleaning trucks, snow removal trucks, and an annual sales revenue of 880 million yuan

in front of the display platform of Yinchuan manufacturing base, nearly 30 new generation intelligent environmental sanitation equipment are neatly arranged and magnificent. According to the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion environmental industry group, the products on display this time include dust control, absorption and introduction of advanced technologies and concepts of German passive houses through cooperative projects, garbage collection and transportation series, municipal maintenance series of sanitation machinery and high concentration sewage treatment equipment, which are all new products of Zoomlion environmental protection

Zoomlion's new generation of intelligent environmental sanitation equipment is neatly arranged

among them, the zlj5310tdydfe5 multi-functional dust suppression vehicle grandly launched in combination with the requirements of China's urban PM2.5 environmental monitoring has many functions, such as spray dust suppression, cleaning and so on. It has a range of more than 150 meters, a longer range and a wider range. It can achieve better dust suppression and cleaning functions for the widespread dust problem in the western region

in addition, Zoomlion's new garbage collection and transportation system is a complete set of microcomputer controlled material testing machine specially developed for the actual situation of domestic garbage collection and transportation in large and medium-sized cities and counties across the country. It is mainly used for the tensile, contraction, zigzag and other experimental garbage collection and transportation products of metal and non-metal materials. At present, nearly 1000 sets of domestic waste transfer system equipment have been put into operation in cities across the country, and the most economical and reasonable domestic waste collection and transfer system solutions can be put forward according to the different needs of customers

the guests watched the product demonstration

in watching the products and demonstrations, the guests praised Zoomlion's sanitation vehicles and sanitation equipment solutions as powerful equipment for cities to improve the level of environmental sanitation, which is very suitable for the western region of China and is worthy of promotion and application in Ningxia and other northwest regions

Chen Peiliang said that the holding of this summit is not only to solve the governance problems in the western region, but also to create a new model of environmental sustainable development in the western region and even the whole country. As a member of environmental protection enterprises, Zoomlion will firmly grasp the major strategies of "the the Belt and Road" and "opening to the west" to further help the ecological construction of the beautiful West

During the meeting, Yinchuan Municipal People's government and Zoomlion signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on the construction and operation of the environmental protection system. Zoomlion will provide Yinchuan with comprehensive environmental treatment services, including urban, county and town center cleaning, domestic waste collection and transportation, as well as domestic waste terminal treatment, town and village sewage treatment, garbage leachate treatment, biomass comprehensive treatment, soil remediation and other comprehensive environmental treatment services

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