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2009 China (Wuxi) International Industrial Equipment Expo opened on September 10, 2009 China (Wuxi) International Industrial Equipment Expo opened in the Municipal Sports Center. As one of the series of activities of the 7th China Wuxi Taihu Expo and Taihu International Economic and trade Festival, this Industrial Expo with the theme of "scientific and technological innovation, transformation and development" attracted more than 4000 products from more than 400 enterprises at home and abroad. Municipal leaders Tan Xueming, Zhu Lunchang, and municipal government Secretary General Wu Fengfeng attended the opening ceremony

it is reported that the Industrial Expo has a strong lineup, with enterprises from 8 countries and regions at home and abroad and 20 provinces and cities across the country participating, and has attracted many well-known brands at home and abroad, such as DMG in Germany, HARTING in the United States, and Mikron in Switzerland, which accounts for 70% of the national copper consumption in East China every year. The exhibits cover new CNC machine tools, industrial automation, electronic products, precision parts, etc

as a professional exhibition based in the Yangtze River Delta and radiating all over the world, the ICIF has attracted many professionals in the industry. Mr. Tang and Mr. Zhu from Wuxi Industrial architectural design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. were watching and discussing warmly. Their company mainly designs complete sets for machinery factories and participates in the Industrial Expo. On the one hand, they can understand the latest level of the development of machinery and equipment, and on the other hand, it is convenient to recommend equipment to customers. It is found that this kind of people tend to obtain industry information

individual small bosses with strong interest in the Industrial Expo are more willing to buy. Mr. Wang, who has a machinery factory in Xuelang, had a budget to buy equipment at the exhibition. "Since the Industrial Expo held in Wuxi, I have come every year. 5. The main bearing of the dynamometer of the rubber tension machine is not allowed to refuel. After all, it is at the door of my home, which is convenient, and there will be some cheap and good products here."

a sophomore majoring in mechanical and electrical engineering in Wuxi Vocational and Technical College of Commerce told that the school organized more than 1000 students from the whole major to come and provide excellent strength, transparency and soft performance for observation and learning. As the sophomore is still learning theoretical knowledge for the time being, they will not go to the school's training base for practical operation learning until the junior year. Therefore, the school makes them familiar with the equipment in advance and moves the classroom to the exhibition site

Mr. Wang, who lives near the sports center, takes a brochure in front of each booth. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has produced steel welding tensile machine for many years. "It mainly looks at what is going on with industrial equipment and what new products are available. Now that I retire, I have time to learn about industries I was not familiar with in the past." Mr. Chen, a citizen, also carried a bag of brochures. "My son is engaged in machinery in Siemens. He is busy with work and has no time to come. I'll get him some materials and open my eyes by the way."

the more the Expo is held, the more popular it is. According to statistics, up to now, it has attracted more than 3000 exhibitors, nearly 200000 visitors, and a cumulative turnover of nearly 1billion yuan

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