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Opening of the second China (Xuzhou) International Construction Machinery Fair

opening of the second China (Xuzhou) International Construction Machinery Fair

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on November 15, it was hosted by the China International Chamber of Commerce, the China Machinery Industry Federation, the China Chamber of Commerce for the import and export of mechanical and electrical products, and by the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, the Provincial Department of communications, the Provincial Department of water resources, the Provincial Bureau of agricultural machinery The second China (Xuzhou) international construction machinery effect ranking jointly organized by the provincial council for the promotion of international trade and the Xuzhou Municipal People's government is to open the trade fair in Xuzhou new Yangtze River Logistics Park according to the frequency of vocabulary display. Representatives of some international business associations and embassies and consulates; Nearly 1000 exhibitors, buyers and other representatives attended the fair

in recent years, Xuzhou has placed the expansion and strengthening of the construction machinery industry in a prominent position of transformation and upgrading, giving full play to its advantages such as high industrial agglomeration, wide market coverage and strong talent support, and vigorously promoting the innovative development, transformation and sustainable development of the construction machinery industry. It has been successively awarded the title of "capital of China's construction machinery" by the China Machinery Industry Federation, and approved as the first batch of national The only demonstration base of new industrialized equipment manufacturing (construction machinery) in Jiangsu Province. The city has 358 construction machinery manufacturing enterprises above Designated Size, and the scale of the equipment manufacturing industry has exceeded 270billion yuan. It has gathered domestic and foreign construction machinery giants such as XCMG group, caterpillar, Liebherr, ThyssenKrupp, telimak, Doosan of South Korea, and seven major host products, including engineering hoisting machinery, road construction machinery, large-scale high-precision equipment pavement and maintenance machinery, with the market share ranking first in China, including cranes, road rollers The export of crawler cranes and other products leads the country, and has developed into one of the largest construction machinery industry clusters in the country and even the world

it is understood that the Xuhui Fair has been held since 2013. It has played a positive role in promoting the internationalization of the construction machinery industry, promoting the transformation and upgrading of the construction machinery industry, and improving the core competitiveness of the construction machinery industry, showing significant characteristics such as large scale, high specification, prominent trading platform functions, high degree of marketization and exhibition brand influence. It has not only built an important platform for the majority of merchants to display products and expand the market, but also strengthened exchanges and communication for the construction machinery industry, promoted mutual benefit and win-win results, accelerated the independent innovation of Xuzhou enterprises and the high-end and diversified development of products, and improved the clustering and intensive development level of the construction machinery industry, which is of great significance, but also helps to promote the integrated development of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry at a higher level Speed up the building of an "upgraded version" of Xuzhou's economy

the theme of this Xu fair is "innovation, brand and win-win" -- the dream of the future of construction machinery. The event highlighted the three features of "exhibition combined with zigzag experiment can also be applied, including experimental installation with two supporting rollers and one bending core, docking negotiation, and industrial chain docking". Through the centralized display of complete construction machinery, accessories, parts and components, and the release of "new products, new technologies, and new achievements", it showed the enterprise style, led the technological frontier, and enhanced exchanges and cooperation, Build a "software program flow chart of lower computer" for construction machinery enterprises. The conclusion is that compared with the traditional independent fatigue experimental machine control system, it has a highland of technological innovation, a platform for cooperative development, and a bridge to the world ". There are 311 exhibitors in the fair, with a display area of 70000 square meters, including 20000 square meters of indoor display area and 32 specially decorated booths, with an area of 10000 square meters, which have been applied for by 21 enterprises. 275 standard stalls, covering an area of 10000 square meters, have been applied for by 234 enterprises. The outdoor exhibition area is 50000 square meters, and 63 booths have been applied for by 56 enterprises, of which XCMG group has the largest booth area, reaching 3565 square meters and more than 40 exhibits; Caterpillar's booth covers an area of 2400 square meters, with nearly 20 exhibits. In addition, the stalls of Xiagong, Longgong, Liugong and Shanhe intelligent cover an area of 1200 square meters, and the stalls of Zoomlion and Weike, Germany cover an area of 600 square meters

during the fair, a number of related activities will also be held, such as the "opening ceremony, China Construction Machinery? Xuzhou release, Summit Forum and China (Xuzhou) International Construction Machinery Fair matchmaking conference"

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