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Nepal's open day event called for the breakthrough of Shantui brand

from the recent 2000 ton crawler crane. Shantui open day and Shantui product release and delivery ceremony jointly organized by Shantui and Nepalese agents were held in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Relevant business personnel of Shantui South Asia business department, Shantui Nepal agents and more than 180 local government senior officials, a number of major media and business partners invited to the event for a more accurate thickness of cold rolled steel plates. This event has become an important event in the local construction machinery market. At the same time, Shantui also cooperated with the agency company to give a full page in the local paper media. 4. The rotation range of the workbench: 0 ~ 360 ° to publicize, strongly announcing that Shantui has entered the local market

Nepal open day event called Shantui brand

Nepal open day event called Shantui brand

during the event, Shantui related personnel and Nepalese agents introduced the company's development history, product advantages and Shantui's development plan in the Nepalese market to the guests respectively; And held a key issuing ceremony for users who recently purchased Shantui products. Various forms of promotional activities were carried out on site, and orders for graders and excavators were signed successively, which won a good start for the further development of Shantui in Nepal market in 2017

since entering the Nepalese market, Shantui has made a lot of efforts and adjustments in market promotion, product positioning, marketing strategy and other aspects, and achieved good results. Shantui and its agents will take this event as an opportunity to continuously improve the local brand awareness of Shantui products, win the recognition of users with reliable product quality and good brand image, and lay a solid foundation for the development of Shantui in the Nepalese market

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