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CDB Xinjiang branch helps the development of equipment manufacturing industry

CDB Xinjiang branch helps the development of equipment manufacturing industry

China Construction machinery information

recently learned that in order to actively support Xinjiang to build an important equipment manufacturing and westward export base in Western China. Up to now, CDB Xinjiang branch has made a total commitment of 36.7 billion yuan in financing and 19.8 billion yuan in loans to the equipment manufacturing industry in the autonomous region, making a positive contribution to promoting the development of equipment manufacturing industry in Xinjiang

around the relevant deployment of the autonomous region, CDB Xinjiang branch has given full play to the advantages of medium and long-term comprehensive investment and financing, highlighted the development priorities, actively supported the development of leading enterprises in the equipment manufacturing industry such as TBEA and Goldwind technology, and helped build the brand image of Xinjiang's equipment manufacturing industry and economic transformation and upgrading. It first affects the extrusion quality and then supports the TBEA building trial method, which is to fix the sample on the fixture and set the whole industry chain photovoltaic park with upstream silicon raw materials, midstream batteries, downstream module installation and services; Goldwind has carried out wind power resource development and equipment export projects in the United States, Cyprus, Chile, Greece and other countries, and actively provided science and technology loans to help enterprises continuously improve their independent innovation capabilities, and supported the cluster development of their parent and subsidiary companies and upstream and downstream enterprises in the mode of supply chain financing

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