The hottest Shaoshan Red Horse from another angle

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Shaoshan Red Horse │ look at Shaoshan from another angle: the preparation site of UAV aerial photography competition

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November 25

Shaoshan tourism group · 2018 Shaoshan Red International Marathon

four enterprises will successfully pass the international check and start running

at present, the preparation of the event has entered the final sprint stage

let's change our angle

follow the unmanned lubrication system, which is mainly composed of lubricating oil pump Special relay and pipeline composition machine

feel the on-site atmosphere of the red International Marathon

in advance

Shaoshan Red horse race starts and ends at the people's Square. Photo by Liu Yu

the start and end of Shaoshan Red horse race. Liu Yu photographed

the race service area is 7. Take down the sample and build it. Photographed by Liu Yu

overlooking Shaoshan citizen square. Photographed by Liu Yu



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