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Before and after the double 11, Liansheng and other paper mills led the price rise of packaging paper and paperboard! The foreign media are shocked. The consumption downturn is deceptive

the paper packaging enterprises have not been doing well in recent months: the peak season is not prosperous, and the market seems to be trapped in a swamp; Market downturn, cardboard factories, carton factories complain incessantly. Recently, affected by the imbalance between supply and demand, box board paper, corrugated radiation, base paper and white cardboard in nearly 30 provinces and regions across the country have fallen one after another, and the market has fallen into a miserable situation. However, the price of paper always fluctuates. Recently, the market has heard the news of price rise, and it is the giant that leads the price rise of packaging paper and paperboard

before and after the first and double National Day, the price of packaging paper and paperboard increased in linkage

(Shanying International) Fujian Liansheng Paper Co., Ltd.: due to the shortage of waste paper raw materials, the cost of external waste increased. Affected by comprehensive factors such as operating pressure and production costs, since November 12, 2018, the original price of t-paper, Sequoia and yew Kraft linerboard produced by our company can make the production properties both 1 and stable; The by-products produced by the reaction are uniformly increased by 100/ton on the basis of non-toxic or low toxic lattice

Foshan jinli'ao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.: since November 10, 2018, the price of paperboard has increased by 3% on the basis of the original price

Dongguan Renxing paper products Co., Ltd.: since November 10, 2018, the quotation of cardboard has been increased by 3% on the basis of the original price

compared with the previous increases of 200, 300 and 10%, the 3% increase in paperboard price seems a little low-key, but it is also enough to set off a lot of waves in this depressed market and attract enough attention from the industry. After all, in this paper packaging market, which is like a dark night at present, the price rise is like a beam of light, telling you that there is still light ahead and that there is still the possibility of price rise. Will this paper price be a turning point? If you don't stock in time, when the paper price goes crazy, you really regret it! This is the general mentality of the packaging industry

second, the cost is high, and enterprises are affected by the rise of various cost factors

in view, the packaging and printing industry can basically set the tone with "the future is rising prices, and the rise is tortuous". In a word: it is necessary to raise prices, because the cost is there

when the economy still adopts the prudent and loose monetary policy, the main melody of various commodities is probably rising, which is basically no doubt. Similarly, affected by the rise of various cost factors, the packaging industry, including packaging materials, will also focus on price increases

then, can the price of paper rise? It seems hard to say this time, but it will rise sooner or later

third, the foreign media were surprised: what economic slowdown? Still under the pressure of trade war? On the whole day of the double 11, 213.5 billion yuan was traded. Will it be difficult to find a carton

it broke 1billion in 21 seconds, 10billion in 2 minutes and 05 seconds, 100billion in 1 hour and 47 minutes, and 213.5 billion yuan was traded throughout the day, a big step forward from 168.2 billion yuan last year. This is the brilliant report card handed over by the "tmall double 11 global Carnival" yesterday

with the rapid beating sales figures of China's e-commerce platforms, international media continued to cast surprised eyes yesterday: "the largest shopping festival on the planet has a hot start", "American Black Friday is insignificant compared with China's Singles Day", "Japanese enterprises in China fully feel the great charm of China's consumer market"...

compared with previous years, Rn - the ring pressure strength test value of tissue (n/0.152m), This year's "double 11" has also been given another meaning by foreign media - a barometer and touchstone to observe China's consumption strength in the context of the outbreak of a trade war between China and the United States and increased economic uncertainty. Constantly refreshing sales figures are obviously the best answer. The title of "market watch" in the United States wrote, "what is the slowdown of China's economy? A record was set as soon as the" double 11 "kicked off". South Korea's "central" said that although the Sino US trade war is in full swing, the explosive power of China's domestic demand still amazes the world

according to the prediction of the State Post Office, this year's double 11 parcels will exceed 1.87 billion, an increase of 25% over the same period last year, and the maximum daily processing capacity may reach 410million, an increase of 23.9% over last year! For the packaging industry, it means the blowout of order demand, and even in the case of a box of hard to get, raw materials may soar

spicy, such hot sales, can you pry the packaging industry downturn to the freezing point of the market. Will the paper price rise again because of the popularity of double 11 express packaging

on the whole, it is mixed

let's talk about the good phenomenon first:

in the case of people's consumption fatigue, the e-commerce miracle can continue to perform, largely thanks to the rise of the post-90s consumer army. Young people are obsessed with shopping. Cuts and cuts should be in fashion after aging, and they can't stop. Cutting hands seems to have been unable to describe their pursuit of shopping

a person engaged in the sales of 3C peripheral products revealed to us that the orders for the double 11 this year increased by 25%, and all of them were packed in cartons

the same data has also been supported by two other packaging people. A person engaged in agricultural e-commerce packaging said that the packaging orders increased by 50% and cartons increased by 50% this year. A person who makes Yixing purple clay pots said that this year is still very popular. 200000 boxes were made last year, and it is expected to reach 400000 this year

share a few more worrying quotes:

various signs show that the double 11 packaging market this year has been exhausted

due to the "upgrading of consumption concept", it seems that more and more businesses can't afford relatively expensive carton packaging. Instead, plastic packaging costs only a fraction or even a tenth of the cost, greatly reducing the GDP of the packaging industry. Moreover, it is frustrating that many stores use cartons that are recycled from waste paper vendors. There are also many brand businesses that support physical stores to pick up goods, which also leads to the reduction of outer packaging

in terms of freight transport, it further proves that the market is not hot. A paper friend revealed that at this time in previous years, the Guangzhou Guangdong sorting center of xtone express was full of trucks waiting at the gate of xtone headquarters for loading. Now there are no cars. I saw a bunch of x-pass truck drivers late last night and said that business was bad this year

a paper friend in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province said: in previous years, express delivery was storing vehicles for tomorrow, but from the above picture of Jinhua x-pass headquarters, it was very different from last year. In previous years, trucks were packed by express delivery, but now truck drivers are still looking for jobs everywhere

another paper friend in Chengdu provided a similar message: let me give you a practical experience. In previous years, our foam packaging was very nervous since 11.3, and express delivery was not allowed. This year, the social express notice was not sent until the 9th, and some postal services informed us not to send foamed goods until today. There are also some postal services that haven't stopped our delivery this year. It's incredible that they are still delivering today

then the question arises. Will cartons be hard to find? Will the price of base paper rise sharply

generally speaking, express packaging is mainly divided into plastic packaging and paper packaging. The raw materials of plastic packaging come from oil, and the pricing power is in the hands of the US emperor. Recently, it has become a dog. Therefore, plastic packaging must become the mainstay of this wave of express packaging, and will never raise prices to cause trouble

like iron ore, coal, steel, cement, etc., the pricing power of packaging paper's raw material waste and pulp is firmly controlled by China's paper giants, and a new wave of price increases has been triggered in recent days. Unfortunately, due to the overdraft of export packaging in advance and the continued weakness of domestic demand, this wave of double 11 order tide may be difficult to form a peak. Therefore, there can be a slight rise in base paper, but a sharp rise is almost impossible

today's paper packaging industry chain is in the most difficult period in the past two years. Multiple factors will implicate the upstream and downstream enterprises of the entire industrial chain, which means that the market is depressed, the cost is increased, and the pressure is doubled. Moreover, at present, the prices of paperboard and carton have been near the profit balance, so it is difficult to have room for decline

therefore, the increase in the price of paperboard has great positive significance for the industrial chain:

on the one hand, the price of paperboard has reached the edge of loss, and the paperboard factory can only reduce the pressure by raising the price. At the same time, it also reduces the possibility of competitors to grab orders at low prices, and to a certain extent, maintains the order of the industry

on the other hand, the carton factory is conducting price negotiations with end customers in the next year. The rise and fall of the carton price will directly affect the order receiving strategy of the carton factory next year

therefore, whether from the perspective of the cardboard factory itself or the carton factory, the positive significance of the cardboard price increase is greater than the negative significance. Of course, the most important thing is that the Spring Festival will come in twoorthree months. It is natural to earn as much as possible before the Spring Festival

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