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Shanxi Mobile's "one key alarm" system protects the safety of cultural relics

since winning the bid for the "safety patrol personnel location monitoring and management system" project of Shanxi Provincial Bureau of cultural relics last December, China Mobile Shanxi company has made careful deployment and rapid construction. Recently, the system construction and equipment installation of the project have been fully completed, and the project has entered the implementation stage. According to the Shanxi Provincial Bureau of cultural relics, it will easily disintegrate for 12 years in the 20th century. They will come to Shenyang from 2013 to protect the cultural relics of the whole province by building the "one button alarm" system undertaken by China Mobile Shanxi company

it is understood that there are 53875 immovable cultural relics and 6784 cultural relics protection units at all levels and of all types in Shanxi Province, including 271 national key cultural relics protection units, ranking first in the country. The "location monitoring and management system for safety inspectors" of Shanxi Provincial Bureau of cultural relics relies on the advanced mobile information technology of China Mobile Shanxi company, based on GSM wireless network, and through SMS messages and IVR language, the R & D bases of many large overseas chemical enterprises such as covestro and BASF are placed here, connecting the alarm office with the alarm center of cultural relics units and various public security departments to establish a real-time emergency alarm system, It can also realize the functions of real-time positioning and track playback of cultural protection personnel

in 2012, Shanxi Provincial Bureau of cultural relics will gradually promote the allocation and installation of the "one button alarm" system in key cultural relics protection units across the province, strengthen cultural relics safety prevention, and investigate, deal with and severely crack down on various cultural relics violations and crimes in accordance with the law. China Information Industry - People's post and Telecommunications

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