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Shaoxing textile enterprises increase R & D investment

in the face-to-face communication between Zhejiang and friends, Zhu Wei, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Huatong color textile Co., Ltd., bluntly said that the main reasons for textile enterprises to light innovation are large investment, slow output, and long investment return cycle

"after the global financial crisis in 2008, it has a great impact on our enterprises." Zhu Wei said that the simplification, popularization and similarity of enterprise products, enterprises only manufacture, do not create, and lack effective core competitiveness. Once the external environment or market changes, enterprises cannot adapt to the cruel competition in the market, which is bound to cause business difficulties. "Products are not innovative, and they are bound to be eliminated!"

Zhu Wei said that in order to increase product innovation, his company invested more than 6million yuan to establish a new product R & D center. Through the introduction of professionals, the product structure was adjusted in time. "Through the R & D and investment of new products, our company obtained special funds for national key industrial revitalization and technological transformation projects."

Zhu Wei is confident about the future of the company. He said that with the development of terminal products, our underwear, socks and home textiles will be put into use in the market, which will cause great problems. We will really realize the differentiation and functionalization of fibers and the branded operation of clothing and clothing, so that the company's industrial chain can be extended, basically covering the textile industrial chain. "We can also purchase multiple sets of equipment at the same time, and the core competitiveness of the company will be greatly enhanced by that time!"

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