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Shaoguan Iron and steel informatization: the great integration of ERP and MES

"I am more and more confident in the use of kits in the steel industry. As you all know, my opinions have always been reserved in the past, and I have never made such an evaluation of an enterprise using kits as I do today." Qi Yongxin of the information technology special Affairs Council of China Iron and Steel Industry Association sighed

recently, under the guidance of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, sponsored by Guangdong Shaoguan Iron and Steel Group (hereinafter referred to as "Shaoguan Iron and steel"), and co organized by Oracle and HAMP management consulting (China) Co., Ltd., the "high level seminar on best business practices in informatization construction of China's iron and steel industry and the on-site meeting on informatization construction experience of Shaoguan Iron and steel" was held in Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province. Taking the successful informatization case of Shaogang as the starting point, the problems encountered in the informatization process of China's iron and steel industry were discussed in depth, and the relevant experience was exchanged

the reason why the case of Shaogang is successful is that it is a truly successful enterprise in the domestic steel industry in terms of synchronous planning, synchronous design, synchronous implementation and synchronous launch. Although there are only three production plants of Shaogang MES on-line this time, the overall integration problem of ERP and MES has been successfully solved. Shaogang has made a beneficial exploration for the overall information construction of steel enterprises in the future

simulated legal person also works

people often use the "first-hand project" to emphasize the characteristics of enterprise information engineering. Because enterprise informatization is a complex system engineering. The key personnel involved in the planning, design and implementation include the business management elites at all levels of the enterprise. Due to the high investment intensity of the system, the abstract projects developed, and the thorny problems involved in the system construction, such as process reorganization, institutional changes, role transformation of key personnel, etc., the enterprise decision-making level needs to have a unified understanding, and the next university will help Xinda achieve the goals of including general plastics, plastic alloys, engineering plastics, special engineering plastics 3D printing consumables, including bioplastics, are the most determined

in the actual implementation process, the innovation of project management mode is extremely important. In Shaogang, the legal person management department of informatization engineering simulation project was specially established this time, and a lean and efficient project organization was established to be responsible for the implementation of enterprise informatization projects

the board of directors of Shaogang decided that the director of the information department was authorized by the chairman to act as the simulation legal person of the project, and the legal person management department of Shaogang information engineering simulation project was established. For the software technology, equipment selection, bidding and other work in the process of project implementation, the group company does not make administrative intervention, and fully authorizes the simulation project legal person and expert committee to make collective decisions. The board of directors of the group company only evaluates the simulated legal person's investment, safety, quality, progress and effectiveness

during the implementation of the project, the simulated legal person has the right to command, coordinate and assess the work of the "top leaders" and units of the relevant units of the whole company on behalf of the group company, forming a project management and assessment system with equal rights and responsibilities and clear responsibilities and rights, promoting the coordination and communication between various departments and ensuring the efficient and smooth progress of the project

highlight refined management

for iron and steel enterprises, how important is MES? Many enterprises know quite a lot about 1500V terminals when the high voltage required by the system is greater than 60kV

the steel industry is the industry with the longest process in the manufacturing industry, and it is also the industry with the greatest difficulty in implementing the overall informatization. In iron and steel enterprises, MES is involved in both dynamic adjustment and judgment change in the smelting process and flexible processing of product coding. The difficulty of implementing MES mainly lies in the complexity of dynamic control of production process and production site

in the process of implementing ERP phase I and MES projects, Shaogang takes refined management as one of the important standards to measure whether the system is advanced or not. In terms of basic data management, through a comprehensive inventory and sorting of the original data, more than 50000 dynamic opening data, 346482 materials, 1738 suppliers, 1251 customers, 181 warehouses, 14263 storage locations, 1204 account aliases, material classification information and other business basic data were imported into the ERP system to refine the basic management work

in terms of the functional configuration of the application system, Shaogang has carried out a series of refined mining and adopted the piece number management mode, so that the medium plate and wide plate products can be managed by blocks. Every sheet product used by users can be tracked with complete rolling times, pouring times, heat times, product material, specification, inspection number and other information through ERP system

project benefits should be quantified

informatization projects should achieve real benefits in shortening delivery time, improving on-time delivery rate, accelerating capital recovery, compressing inventory, reducing procurement costs, reducing user quality objections, etc. But in fact, many projects dare not face the quantitative benefit goal directly. Benefits should not stay in general or qualitative terms, otherwise serious hidden dangers will be left for the project construction

the data of benefit quantification needs to be accumulated. Qi Yongxin said that steel enterprises should pay attention to accumulating data on project benefits for a long time after the project implementation and completion. For example, the speed of capital turnover changes, how much time ahead of the delivery date, and so on

it is understood that the China Iron and Steel Industry Association has come up with a series of pilot indicators to investigate the informatization of the iron and steel industry through various aspects of research last year, and has begun to put into use

the standard implementation is getting better and better

Shaoguan Iron and steel ERP and MES were successfully launched at the same time. Xu Gang, vice president of HAMP company in charge of the project implementation, believes that it can be attributed to the unified project planning and implementation during the test experiment. In addition, it has also made a good coordination in all aspects of implementation. There are two persons in charge of the Information Department of Shaogang, one in charge of ERP and the other in charge of MES, ensuring the matching of personnel

according to experts, in recent years, the construction procedures, management consulting, technical consulting, overall planning, feasibility study, basic design, development and implementation and engineering supervision of informatization in iron and steel enterprises have been gradually standardized. Process reengineering, institutional reform, management norms, public coding, staff training and other important basic work are in their due place. Measures such as internal and external cooperation, domestic and international cooperation, management and technical cooperation, as well as public bidding and the invitation of independent expert consultants have also been gradually introduced

Wang Chunwen, general manager of Oracle Greater China enterprise application software, believes that enterprises need to consider several aspects when choosing it systems: whether there are successful and perfect functions and rich management practices; Whether it has a flexible software architecture to meet the complex needs of the steel industry; Whether to provide an open technology platform, support the integration with various systems, and protect the long-term investment in enterprise informatization

Zeng Dexin, chairman of Shaogang, said that the construction of enterprise informatization has only a higher and higher starting point, and there is no end point once and for all. The rapid development of information technology itself and the increasingly wide range of applications have become the key for Chinese iron and steel enterprises to seize opportunities, win competitive advantages and obtain survival and development in the future. It is the only way to make the management of iron and steel enterprises scientific, refined and modern. (so as to improve the competitiveness of the industry end)

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