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Wang Zhenlin: speech at the 10th National Packaging Engineering Academic Conference

in August and autumn, in the ancient and emerging capital Beijing, more than 100 people from the national packaging academic, educational, and poly (4-hydroxybutyrate) (p4hb) industry circles gathered in the capital Beijing. With the concept of "independent scientific and technological innovation, sustainable development", they exchanged the latest production, study, and research results of interdisciplinary packaging engineering at the 10th National Packaging Engineering Academic Conference, Explore the best ways and methods of "promoting outsourcing through science and technology" and "strengthening outsourcing through talents". Since the early 1980s, China's modern packaging industry has been synchronized with reform and opening up. Driven by the feedback pressure of the development of commodity economy and the improvement of people's living standards, thanks to policy support, and with the efforts of people in the packaging industry, science and technology, and education circles across the country, the original extensive "workshop economy" has rapidly developed into a backbone industry of the national economy, Its output value ranks third in the world, and its performance ranks among the "big packaging countries". In this process, packaging discipline and talent training have played a very important role

entering the 21st world, the industrial take-off puts forward higher requirements for science, technology and education, especially the young packaging industry, which especially needs the cooperation and support from the academic community in the process of independent innovation and "big" to "strong"

since 1987, CFNA has successively held nine national academic conferences in Zhejiang, Beijing, Chongqing, Jiangsu, Guangzhou, Harbin, Xi'an and other places. The two alloys can be mixed in any proportion. After two years, ten conferences will be held in the capital before the 2008 Olympic Games, which has more far-reaching significance

this session was organized by Beijing, especially the school of printing and packaging engineering, the school of printing and packaging engineering, the Beijing Key Laboratory of printing and packaging materials and technology, the Asian packaging center of the World Packaging Organization, and the Department of packaging engineering, with the rapid increase in the output of materials such as EPP foam; Co organized by China Packaging Research and testing center and China Export Commodity Packaging Research Institute. In May this year, the professional committee held a review meeting of the 10th conference organized by Zhengzhou University, during which the "packaging discipline development seminar" of Zhengzhou University was held. The conference received more than 160 papers, and 137 papers will be read out after review, and the CD-ROM version of the thesis collection will be published. Through the conference exchange, nearly 90 papers will be selected by the Chinese core journal "packaging engineering" in three issues; About 15% of the papers will be selected for the "excellent paper" certificate issued by the national society

this session has received the attention and support of China Packaging Federation, the highest packaging industry organization in China; It has received the care and guidance of the superior society of the Association - China Vibration Engineering Society; It is a great honor for the two presidents of Beijing Packaging Technology Association and Zhejiang Packaging Technology Association to make a special report with novel views and rich connotations on the current hot issues of packaging in China. Before the exchange of group papers, a series of conference reports will be launched in the fields of construction of postgraduate training system in packaging discipline, new packaging and printing technology, research on packaging and environmental issues from a new theoretical perspective, new progress in drug packaging, and a new generation of packaging testing technology

during the conference, the professional committee will hold three (expanded) meetings of four sessions and one Editorial Committee of three sessions of the journal packaging engineering to form Executive Opinions on several important issues in the work of the society and how to further run the only "core journal" in China's packaging science and technology industry

on the occasion of the opening of the 10th conference, on behalf of the society hosting the conference, I would like to express my gratitude to the leaders and guests of China Packaging Federation who attended the conference! I would like to express my gratitude to the leaders of the higher-level societies, brother societies and relevant industry associations in Beijing who made a special trip to attend and guide the meeting! I would like to express my sincere respect to the leaders of Beijing Institute of printing and packaging for their strong support, fruitful organizational work and hard work during the preparation of the conference

representatives from all over the world are welcome to attend the meeting with the achievements of industry, University and research! May you enjoy this unforgettable four days in the holy land of the capital in midsummer

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