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The research and development of new technology of domestic special rubber has accelerated

in recent years, the production and processing technology level of domestic special rubber in China has been greatly improved, and the synthetic technology of special rubber independently developed by various enterprises has been continuously introduced. Special rubber with excellent oil resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance and other performance advantages. 2. On a solid foundation or workbench, it is more and more widely used in various industrial and civil fields, and has become a new chemical material of great concern

in April, 2010, the news came that the industrial scale-up experiments of three liquid rubber products of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, including high-performance hydroxybutyric acid, high relative molecular weight carboxybutyric acid and new nitrile carboxybutyric acid, were successful. After identification, the technical indicators and application performance of the product can all meet the needs of aerospace and national defense construction

the carbon fiber/coating combination of Lianyungang jintaida Rubber Co., Ltd. can also easily remove graffiti from the bench. In June 2010, the company announced that the independently developed gas-solid chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber (CSM) process has passed the result appraisal, which is the first time in the world to achieve large-scale production of CSM by non-traditional process. It is understood that over the years, domestic and foreign enterprises have generally used the traditional process to produce CSM. The preferred process with a frequency of 80 (2) 50Hz and a short test time requires the use of a harmful substance as a solvent in the production process, which seriously destroys the environment, especially the ozone layer. The harmful gases produced in the production process endanger the workers' bodies, and nearly 0.5% of the harmful residues in the products are difficult to remove. The tail gas of the gas-solid process developed by jintaida can be completely absorbed, and the product does not have any toxic solvent residue, and there is no product desolvention process in the production process, which greatly reduces the construction cost and production cost of the device. At present, the products have been exported to the United States, South Korea, Germany and other countries

in August 2010, the new heat conducting material synthetic rubber developed by Heilongjiang Jixi Sanyuan special rubber and plastic company - HTR production cool rubber pad process won the national patent. It is reported that this cool rubber pad is made of synthetic rubber HTR, a new thermal conductive material, which solves the technical problems of low thermal conductivity and not cool of ordinary grass and bamboo mat materials. A new thermal conductive material, synthetic rubber HTR, is synthesized from polymers, has a specific thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity, and is made by non pressure and non heating vulcanization process

at the fourth international new chemical materials (Chengdu) summit, which ended at the end of August this year, Li Yongwu, President of the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries, proposed to encourage advantageous enterprises to carry out mergers and acquisitions, promote the integration, large-scale and large-scale of upstream and downstream industrial chains, and form several new chemical material bases such as special rubber, engineering plastics and high-performance composites

insiders pointed out that in the next few years, the demand for special rubber and thermoplastic elastomers in China's industrial and civil fields will continue to increase according to the prediction data of April group and our estimation. Modern rail transit and urban construction all require relevant facilities to have higher speed, safety, stability and durability, as well as excellent seismic, sound insulation and other properties, which provide a broader stage for the application of special rubber and its products. It is believed that China's special rubber will make great achievements during the "12th Five Year Plan" period

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